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Oh November …… Endings and Beginnings We start November with open hearts and clear intentions as we set forth and #manifest so many bomb ass things in this 11th month nearing the closing of the amazing 10th year . 10= the number of beginnings and endings / deaths & rebirths As we head closer into […]

via New Beginnings. New Intentions . New Changes… New Life death = Rebirth …. — BayArt

Raising Vibrations

Your Energy is KEY

We are born of new …. We forget that our vibrations pulls in different people different test  different situations . We were taught to believe that the vibes and energy of one person should be avoided and not counted but chalked too some superficial bullshit .

As we began the ” Journey Back 2 Self ” , we began to raise our Vibrations , we began to notice the different vibes / energies that we have in our space on a daily basis . Our soul takes notes on everything that is being collected energy wise and signals you too dive deeper within too understand why you ” NO ” longer vibe as you once did with that person OR why this certain hobby no longer vibes within you OR why  that one thing that use to once make you happy no longer gives you ” satisfaction”.

the universe test your strength too see if you will continue to:

  1.  Go outside of your self for answers
  2.   See if you trust your inituion
  3.  See if you will continue to choose others vs. choosing ” SELF “
  4.  See if you truly learned your lesson from the tests that were presented before you

Death too must be Earned …..

In order too be ready for a Rebirth one must shed the old templates of what you was once taught . The processing of unlearning all the bullshit , unlearning all the stinkin thinkin and getting yourself prepared for your Rebirth into your AUTHENTICITY….

I remember when my journey started , I kept failing and kept falling for the same bullshit . I kept making the same mistakes and I kept choosing all the comfortable routes. The shit that I was familiar with …. The shit that had me comfy and wrong as fuck lol smh  but I prayed out to god like WHYYYYYYY !!!! Do I keep being led down the same road and he said choose differently , now is not the time to be complacent or comfy but for you too put all your trust into Self and into ME ….

Who knew that being reborn would change my vibrations .As you Raise your vibrations , things began too shift drastically but still Remembering that you have ” Free Will ” and God only steps in when you ” ASK”  him to do so.  My circle of friends got smaller . The things I use to enjoy doing changed . The person I was slowly becoming was my TRUTH . I LOOKED INTO THE MIRROR AND SAW MY TRUE AUTHENTICITY.

Never apologize for being in your Truth and speaking your Truth because it is your TRUTH and if they do not get it…. if they do not comprehend then FUCKEM !!!!

the shift has come and in order for you too stay within your truth .. you must continue too raise your vibration .. change happens swiftly these days the energies are being raised and levels are being conquered …….

source ask : Are you willing to go where the wind blows or remain stagnant in comfort ?

Either way change will happen !

xoxo Roc

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