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Here we STAND !

Rebels ,

So here we are standing within this 11th year .  The year of the Butterfly the year of the Harvest .  We can no longer allow the things of the past to stand between us and the transformation of our journey .

31 days into 2018 and we all if not then some have notice things popping up old and new when it comes to change . We stood in confusion on why these old things are resurfacing . I realized that I had an old situation of change to pop up in the same month same time that it did from the prior year . I saw myself acting as I had previously acted in 2017 . Then suddenly I realized that this is resurfacing to gain another reaction from me . It is resurfacing for me too look deeper within myself for the answer and what this change can bring forth into my journey.

The universe and source will re-present a situation too you on your journey to see if you have indeed gathered the lessons from the past to react differently . Growth is always needed no matter where you maybe within your journey . Being open to change will allow you to move effortlessly throughout your journey .

Our journey /path can be like  the game #life OR #monopoly . As we seek out to move forward within our journey and we reach certain check points . We must stop to access our journey OR the situation to see what have we gathered thus far on our path .  change will continue to come through your journey in waves. How you react will depict what will happen next within your journey . If you notice circles happening : meaning you notice yourself going in circles within certain aspects in your life . This means that it is time to decide differently .

A lot of times we think that we can move forward without choosing differently but that is hella wrong . You can not EXPECT different RESULTS if you keep choosing the same way OR if you keep thinking in the same negative ass manner .

“old ways will not present different results ”

Deciding that I will choose differently will send you down a path of the unknown which will bring about a change .

Notice what is happening within your space and open your arms to NEWNESS .Open your arms to CHANGE . Open your arms to abundance and prosperity . Asking the higher power to step in prevents you from choosing the same ol bull . 2018 we will choose ourselves and and allow our arms to be open and our palms to be upright and open for receiving of all things DOPE AF !!!!




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Collective Timeline

Hey Rebels ,


So here we are on the cusps of 2018 and we are nearing the ending of the ” cocoon phase” and shit is looking bright . If your journey started roughly 3 years ago it was set up in phases :

2013 – 2016 : Caterpillar Phase ( all kinds of shit hit the fan and you were crawling in the beginning of your spiritual awakening and you didnt know wth was happening and you may have or may not have lashed out at those around you . You may have also had some aha moments as well but everything was flying at you at one time . Within in this brief time period YOU changed . Something disconnected within you and you felt EMPTY and you craved something far deeper . before this awakening started you may have had a dramatic event happen in your surrounding circle .

For me my sister passed away 2011 and I was severely depressed for 2 1/2 years . I was a complete Zombie . I was also in an abusive relationship . So by 2013 , I was empty and the world that I had known was no longer satisfying OR filling for me and I decided to break free and stop giving away my fucks

2017: Was the ” Cocoon Phase ”  .   We have most definitely dived deeper within this year and we had so many closures and I know for myself so many things changed at a swift rate . One minute I was one way but then the next minute I was another way . I went through the ” Dark night of soul ” AGAIN * rolls eyes * and I didnt think the kid was going to make it . I closed my self off from the world but this time . I knew what I needed to do to get to where the universe and god was pushing me .

Sometimes we love someone or something so much and we will keep giving we will keep doing no matter how DRAINING it is and then we notice that we feel differently . I had lessons to learn . Your past were TEST and if you allowed yourself to heal properly your learned LESSONS . That is were GROWTH comes in .

The lessons for the year were more geared towards 4 MAJOR KEYS :

1.Letting Go

2. Noticing Vibes/ENERGY from those around you that WERE not  DEPOSITING back into YOU

3. Welcome in HEALING

4. Self Care

I learned all that shit and it was not easy . I have cried so many times this year and it was mainly geared towards being Tired of going in Circles . So WE as a collective was asked to DECIDE. Choose TEAM (YOU ) OR TEAM ( THEM/AND EVERYTHING ELSE) ….

I hope and pray that you choose YOU and I hope and pray that you know that YOU ARE WORTHY ! YOU ARE ENOUGH ! YOU ARE DESERVING OF SO MANY DOPE THINGS !

We must do the things that we FEAR and let go and let god ! Let this be your new mantra… Allow what is meant to be , be and take your paws off and watch the blessings rain from above .

The universe is asking that we allow divine timing to happen and watch as he takes care of us . If it is meant to be baby it will be honey

2018: Butterfly PHASE : those who have dived deep af within their journey and they have dealt with the good /bad /and the ugly  will reap their HARVEST this year its time to fly .

Do not take shit from 2017 into 2018 that is not meant to go ! As we ascend we level up and everyone is not meant to have a seat at your table of LIFE


Beefin up your energy security for 2018 !

Your story your journey your past was not pretty it was not easy but it was gearing you up for 2018 : Harvest for the Butterfly Season  !!!! Baby we flyin in 2018

There will be so celebrations in 2018 and I am here for it !

cant wait to hear you guys updates on your journey

Find you an ACCOUNTABILITY  PARTNER  ! Someone that will help you stay on top of your goals within your journey

I am here if you need the kid but I only speak facts and I never sugarcoat ask my homie lol

if it does not resonate leave it . if it resonates please take the guidance and apply it to your journey …

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Hey Hey Hey  ( ive been sick uggh , but I am better . I realized that the universe sends your body messages when it time to go on cruise control and allow the messages to sink as they should . We often be on the hustle and bustle of life and we miss the small details looking for major shifts to happen )   The answers you seek are always WITHIN YOU !


I am here for guidance . Tarot is still up in the air at the moment but messages are always spirit guided and please only takes what resonates .Don’t cloud your spirit with useless words ONLY take what applies and leave the REST ! K (kisses)

C H A N G E 🌟 A R R I V E S ____________________________________________. so the power to let go and let it flow is our greatest strength but can also be the hardest task at hand . A lot of us in the collective may say : oh i have let that go already but in the back of your subconscious it’s lingering . Allowing all things that no longer serves us to flee and allowing ourselves to ascend to new higher levels is HERE : why are you holding on with a death grip to that THING / PERSON / JOB / BELIEF/ FEAR / ANXIETY : 🗣 when you know that it’s time to let that shit GO !!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ as im writing this song plays in my head | Otis Redding : Change is gonna come 🎶 the part that keeps replaying it says : “ it’s been a long time , a long time coming But i know a change has gotta come . It’s been too hard living , but I’m afraid to die , i don’t know what’s up there beyond the clouds “ ( please go listen to this song ) : it’s natural to be afraid of the unknown and we have learned on this journey that’s as we ascend as we awaken we must SHED we must allow the old ways of who we once were to DIE and that will bring about the change it will allow you to be reborn … fearing the unknown is the old way of the thinking :::: baby steps have been the momentum for this year but it’s now time to pick up the pace and welcome in the change ! I promise you … you can do this 💪🏽 it’s like ripping off that bandaid : you just gotta muster up that courage and do it !!!! The universe conspires to give you everything you want but you gotta put your trust into the source 👁 stop stalling : change will happen either way . You either consent too it OR allow the universe too snatch it out of your life with a major event 🤷🏽‍♀️ anywho 🌻 new moon is coming 12/18 winter solstice is coming 12/21 : get ready for the last shake down of the year and sweep out the bull to welcome in the newness 💯✌🏽 Happy Friday Lovelies 💋 #spiritualrebelbyroc #live #healing #crystals #empath #love #change #new

Tough love is always the best love but We gotta let go of the shit that is killing us and  allow  room for the things that are being sent  into our journey for 2018 the year of HARVEST .

Looking to do some big things for 2018 ! Guys hop on for the ride

If you have any questions or just need a listening ear .. hit me up ! XOXO

Love N Light N all the other shit

Love you guys !!!!  Repost  Share  Like  Subscribe

follow my IG for more daily motivation : poet_equalspoetry

allow my words to be guidance  (if it resonates ) lol


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Begin | Again

Hey Hey Hey ,


I know I have been missing in Action . When your body calls you have to answer  and it is very vital in the ” holiday season ” that we take a step back and make sure that we are depositing back into ourselves and make sure that we are listening to our bodies .

Before the week starts I just wanted to give a little  MOTIVATION and deposit into you guys a GEM .

Begin | Again                        Death (ending ) = Rebirth ( fresh start /start over )


Many times in many situations we get COMPLACENT  or COMFY and we decide that it is okay for us to just ” SETTLE ” for living at 50% of our truth . Every time I hear someone say : ” this is my dream ” BUT  ” i cant ”  and then they continue to say : ” i have made promises ” and ” I have made a plan ”

It makes me upset because then I am looking at them but WHAT ABOUT YOU MY DEAR ?

when will your truth be IMPORTANT for you to go after it  ? When will your heart be able to actually guide you into your Authenticity ?

We forget about our dreams because we had kids OR we give up on TRUE LOVE and decide to just settle for : the other party of our parental situations .  Some think that fairytales do not exist OR true healthy love is a MYTH .

LOVING WITHOUT CONDITIONS ::::: IS REAL .  Why would you want to waste your time on a relationship that is stifling ? is it only because you made a plan without consulting with GOD .

We have to be okay with stepping out on faith in everything in our lives and not allow : people / places / or things to distract our movement .

Starting over allows you to take in account all of the lessons you have learned from your prior chapters  and apply them into this #newbeginnings  . We are coming into the 11th year which will be full of HARVEST and he is asking that we walk within our faith and trust that he has our best interest .

Every door that closes are closing for a reason . Do not be hesitate  on the change because it is required to happen in order to ascend into the next level of your awakening  . Go within the flow Go within the Vibes and trust that you have all the power . We are the answer key to our everyday test .

Dive within  . Be free Be concise Be honest

Right now we are in the middle of lovely : Mercury Retrograde until 12/22 …. She brings up all the things that we continue to try to hide or put off and she is forcing you to dive within to find fulfillment .  Notice what is being brought up for you and deal with it .

Lets not take any stagnant energy into 2018 ! Allow the doors that are closing to actually CLOSE . The silly thing about change is whether you like it or NOT it is still happening but the way you react will determine if you need to do more healing .


Endings are merely beginnings  of a whole new chapter/book .. Be ready for new energy of change  …

Go forward with the new business   Go forward with the career that aligns with your journey  Go forward with allowing love to swoop in

Mantra :

I am Enough

I am Worthy

I open my arms to all love all joy all happiness

I open my arms to all kindred spirits and relationships

I welcome in with open arms unconditional love

I am powerful

I am divine

I open my arms to Change

I am my own co creator

I am love

” Love like it is going out of style ”

Take care of you during this season . Do not give away your power or allow those that turn their nose up at you to dictate your vibes … Allow yourself to be the ” black sheep ” in your family and just say fuck it and live happily ever after .

” just because they are family by blood does not mean they deserve a seat at your table of LIFE ”  It is always about you … Take care of home ( which is YOU ) and allow the rest to fall as it may .

it is time to awaken the love that is deep within … go after what is yours in 2018

love you guys  xoxo – see you tomorrow kisses

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New week New Blessings New intentions

Hey Hey Hey ,

So here we are heading into a brand new week filled with so many different things . So many different Blessings . Ive been saying since the ” new moon ” to set your intentions for the next ” 6 months ” …..

I know that it is the ” holiday season ” and i ” roll eyes ” lol  and I know that many of us feel as if we are the ” BLACK SHEEP ” of the family . We are different   ! We do not follow the standard ” Family ” rubic to be apart of this family but we are indeed special af .

I actually experience that during the ” Thanksgiving Pagan Holiday ” but I have come so far to be exactly where I am within this ” holiday season ” and none of the shit affected me .  I want you to dive deeper within your self during this season . This season is very much about ” test ” and how come out .

Are we coming out messy af OR OR OR Are we coming out like a perfectly glazed donut lol  ?????? questions that deserves answers

I walked out that beech like a perfectly glazed donut  lmao !!!

We have literally prepared for this all year . So many deaths happen during this final season in the 10th year . As you walk thru these final endings , you will be able to understand where you are on a mental/spiritual level .

I really want you guys to focus on where you are ” right now ” and where you were ” last year  ” around this time . when you do that you can determine how far you have come.

GRATITUDE comes into the equation. We have come a mighty long ass way and it was not easy but we made it ” without knowing that we made it ”  and HERE WE STAND !!!!

Do not allow the ” family members” to tear you down OR make you feel some type of way about yourself . Your journey is all about YOU !!!! NEVER FORGET THAT SHIT !!!!

I am proud of you and if any one disagree ” fuckem ” stop caring about what the naysayers say ….Live your best life by doing YOU BABY

Love you guys be rebels by choice

shoot all the negative bullshit ” pew pew ”

you are what matters baby





Happy Monday     Happy Gratitude    Happy Life Day   Happy Existence  Pure Happiness


I changed the name to : Happy Gratitude Week …. Here we are nearing the ending of this wonderful 11th month and we are coming closer and closer to the end of the year and so many things have changed and things are not exactly as they were. that is called


We allowed the waves of changes to sweep thru without putting up a fight . All of my post lately have been mainly gearing towards the : HOME (self ) … I can not stress this enough that our TEMPLE/HOME needs and requires that tender loving care .

We have to remember to deposit back into ourselves and when it is needed to take a step back or take a self break and gather your thoughts. Nothing will be as you expect it to be. When we leave behind : Expectations , Victim consciousness or Co-dependency . We allow room for #accountability  and we allow room for things to flow as they should in its natural order.

This year has taught all of us many lessons but how well did you listen to the calling of the universe . If you listened then you would understand why the journey of back 2 self  is and will always be super important . We have healed in so many areas in our lives. We have  shown the door to those negative people or those negative things that have taken up space in our lives for so long  .

We deserve to ” STOP ” AND give ourselves the biggest ” HUG EVER ” for showing up for those test that have now turned into LESSONS .We have indeed come a very very VERY long way .We are not leaving this 10th year the same way that we entered . For those of you that showed up and healed in the errors you deemed prior as being ” unfixable” . I salute you !!! Thank you for showing up in your life and fighting to stay within your TRUTH…

For those that are having troubles with ” change ” OR stuck with being ” complacent ”

Change will forever be inevitable . Yes, it is frightening to go to a place that is unfamiliar but it is well worth it .  We are required to dive deeper  within ourselves and trust that every guidance we will receive is divinely guided .Now is the time to push through and step outside of the boundaries that you have placed…

Here we stand as the collective

Everyone is a teacher in their own way . We as the collective have gone through things that makes us so damn POWERFUL . We are Warriors

Be great on today

Pass the love someone needs it


Treat yourself today  ! you deserve it

Ive been doing a lot of solo things lately . Ive realized that the company I keep with myself is #priceless

take yourself on a date



The Alchemist

So , my bestfran decided that we should read the : ” The Alchemist ” …… Even though I finished it within 24hours  and hers was in her trunk lol … It was such a blessing such a GEM  , honey in this holiday season !!!

I cried , I agreed , I allowed all the gems to sink in and I ended the book with the quote ” the universe conspires to give you what you want ” ……..

I truly think and feel , that it is all about : ” Where you are within your journey ”  …. This book was a ” Confirmation” for me it was pure ” guidance ” … I am a firm believer in allowing shit to just flow and if it does not flow ,  that means that my spirit is not agreeable ….

If it does not vibe ” let that shit go ” !!!!   This book was a whole fuckin ” vibe ”  !!!! As soon as I opened the book  , my soul was like hell yes !!!!

This season is all about opening up the areas where you ” closed” yourself off … It is all about following your heart  and allowing it to lead you without you questioning       “what if”  OR ” why now ” OR  ” Are you sure you are ready ” …. The heart knows that you doubt yourself , so now it trickles down from mind ( manifest ) to heart/soul ( action) and the heart thinks : ” what tf am i thinking i cant do this ” …… And who is the blame for this ? YOU

We can be our BIGGEST ENEMY ….. It all starts with that self doubt which we do as a

” safety mechanism” . we think  the worst of a situation to ” prepare ourselves” for the disaster just in case but guess what . You just fucked it up for yourself because you     ” manifested” some dumb shit ….. How about we change some shit lets think the best and allow what flows to flow …. Allow the divine and the universe to conspire to give us what we ” want ” … We DESERVE ALL GOOD !!!!


If it dont vibe let that shit go ! Only you can hold yourself from reaching your ” personal legend” … I swear i highlighted the hell out of this book . It was so many gems and i look forward to the day to pass this to my kids as a read and I ask them to highlight what spoke to their ” spirit ” .

The awaken ” BIRTH ” A REVOLUTION ” ………

This book gave so many confirmations and I know that if I choose to live ” simple” its purely because I didnt belive I could make it to the ” PROMISE LAND ” OR OR OR  because I felt ” complacent ” in where my life was ……

Now is the time to ” Set NEW intentions ” Be Concise ” Be direct ” the new moon in #Scorpio was on the 11/18 …. suit up for the next 6 months …..

What do you WANT from your LIFE NOW ?   YOU ARE THE DECIDER !!!!!



what do your eyes tell ?

love X Light X all that other shit     xoxo